Harambee Summer Festival Policy and Procedures

We provide a safe, secure environment to create lifelong connections for our families.

It is the intent of the Harambee Summer Festival to provide a welcoming and diverse environment for all campers. Tolerance for all aspects of diversity of culture and family make up is a key to our beliefs.


Over the past more than 20 years Harambee Cultural Society has hosted families in several locations throughout British Columbia. We plan our camp for the first week of July with details regarding date and location available each February.

If you require accommodations that are handicap supportive, please contact registration@harambee.ca as soon as possible before registration commences.


No pets are permitted at Harambee Summer Festival except those that are certified by the BC Guide Dog and Service Dog Act, or similar legislation.

Program Fees

Camp registration fees are to support daily programming and hiring of many service providers to attend Harambee Summer festival. Program fee does not include accommodations or meals and is required whether you stay at the Sorrento Centre or not.

Families who co-parent are permitted to pay for the camp registration fee once for their family and reserve separate accommodations. Please contact mekonh@harambee.ca prior to open registration.

Only registered families are permitted at Sorrento centre during the Harambee summer festival.

Arrival and Departure

No registrants will be accepted to sign in at camp until 3PM  on the first day of camp. The registration process is key to ensuring daily activities are a success, please proceed to the main tent to register and receive important camp documents for your stay.

All accommodations must be left as found and vacated by 10AM on the last day of camp.

Reminder to Safeguard Personal Property

Please remember to be cautious with your personal items at camp. While we are on private property we are accessible to the general public. Here are a few reminders:

  • Lock up your cabin/trailer/vehicle when you are away from it
  • At night tuck any belongings inside your cabin/tent/trailer/vehicle that you would hate to see disappear

Volunteer Opportunities

Harambee Summer Festival runs entirely on volunteer support.

Adult Volunteers 

We will have the list of volunteer jobs soon or if you want to jump the lineup feel free to email Mekon on mekonh@harambee.ca

Mentor Fund

This fund will support those 19—25 years old who wish to attend camp on their own but may need financial aid. Please contact Me-Kon on mekonh@harambee.cawith any questions on applying and the mentor program.

Mentor Fund Forms:

About the Harambee Summer Festival Mentorship Fund

Harambee Summer Festival (HSF) Mentorship Fund Application form.

Programming will continue to provide educational opportunities, cultural events and parent led sessions as we celebrate our families. And as always, so much fun, music, dancing and time together!

Discipline and Alcohol / Drug Abuse Policy

As a large group we face the same issues that society as a whole faces. Sometimes these issues threaten the family atmosphere of the camp. The Harambee Cultural Society which is the governing board of this camp has created an official policy in regards to discipline including the underage use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol.

Harambee families recognize the many challenges that come with parenting children of all ages. In the spirit of a family focused event all of the participants will understand that alcohol use of persons not of legal age and anyone using illegal drugs will not be tolerated at any time. Should anyone be found violating this policy this person will be required to leave camp immediately. The family must facilitate this in a timely manner. It is therefore the responsibility of all families, prior to attending camp, to determine the level of risk that a family member may pose in non-compliance with this policy and make an appropriate decision.

In the spirit of a family focused event all of the participants understand that their actions must not threaten, intimidate or undermine the family atmosphere of the camp.

Unacceptable activity that is deemed to be in need of review should be communicated to a Harambee Cultural Society Board of Director. This will initiate a review by the Discipline committee. Following is the protocol that they will adhere to:

  • The discipline committee will hear all complaints, investigate and make a recommendation based on the totality of the circumstances.
  • The discipline committee will convene a meeting with the Board of Directors and present the final recommendation.
  • The Board of Directors will have the final approval on the recommendation of the discipline committee.
  • ALL discussions and decisions will be kept strictly confidential.
  • In the spirit of Harambee ALL investigations, discussions, decisions and actions shall be managed with respect for families.

Harambee Cultural Society strives to have a positive impact on all children by providing a supportive and understanding environment for the whole family.


Out of respect to campers, quiet time is from 10:00 pm to 7:30 am. Children and Youth campers should remain at their site during this time.

Teen programs and adult gatherings are permitted outside these specified times with the acceptance that general noise levels should be limited out of courtesy to sleeping campers. This pertains to evening and morning.


Cycling is prohibited on the grounds and private roadways. Please know that the use of bicycles in the surrounding area is done at your own risk.

Important Documents

There are several documents that families may be required to complete. Please go to the forms section of our website.

Family Bio

Please bring an 8 ½ x 11 page brief biography of your family for the Harambee family album. This biography should include a photo of your family. If possible please hand in your biography in a plastic sleeve to protect them from the elements. These are displayed during the week in the main tent. Past year’s albums are displayed at camp.

Silent Auction

This is a major fundraiser for our camp and goes a long way to helping to pay for all the programs during the week.

Every family is asked to bring at least one item. Items should be new or gently used. Cultural and art items are most popular.


T-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies are available through a pre-order process. Orders are placed prior to camp through the website.

Limited quantity and sizes are available at camp, pre-ordering is recommended.

General Programming

Included with the daily set programming events are many activities that are supported by families. Here is a list of possible activities to expect:

  • Parent led discussions -topics are specific to the world of adoption.
  • Hair Salon Services – Stylists at camp provide services and products.
  • Organized hike trips
  • Arts and crafts workshops for younger kids
  • Beach and water fun at the Sorrento Beach