Registration Policies and Procedures

Harambee Summer Camp is for families parenting children of African heritage. Cultural activities and networking are the highlights of the camp. Educational and counseling opportunities are incorporated into the schedule along with daily cultural and family events.

We hope to be able to accommodate most of the applicants each year without having to rely on a waiting list. However, don’t wait to apply. First come, first served for on-site accommodations.

The start of registration for camp site is announced on the Harambee Summer Festival Facebook page and the Harambee Cultural Society website

Please follow us on our Facebook Page, HarambeeSummerFestival.

Instructions for Booking Accommodation and Registering for Harambee 2020.

Registration will open on Saturday March 14th at 10AM PT Sharp for returning families and open for new families 10AM PT on March 21. 

Steps 1 can be done at any time in advance of registration being open.

Create an account or login to your existing account

  1. Login to the Harambee website by choosing the person silhouette icon on the right side of the banner. Select Secure Sign In. If you have forgotten your password, follow the “Forgot Password” link. If you do not have a Harambee login then click “Register an Account” to create a new account. By completing this step prior to registration your address and payment information will already be completed and will ensure that you can move through checkout and purchase by simply re-typing your user name and password.

Steps 2-4 can only be completed when registration opens.

2.   Go to the Harambee website (, Under the Summer Festival tab, choose PAY ONLINE from the drop down menu. Select the 2020 Harambee Summer Festival accommodation at Sorrento Centre” link.

  1. Choose your preferred accommodation category by selecting one of the types from the “Categories” options. Select your accommodation by clicking on the VIEW button under your choice. Choose “Add to Cart”. A summary screen will appear showing your accommodation choice and the festival registration fee ($400). Choose “Proceed to Checkout”.  NOTE: At any point in the process, when selecting “add to cart” or “proceed to Checkout”, if your selected accommodation has just been purchased by another family, you will receive an error message saying “this accommodation is no longer available, please select another”.
  2. If you have logged into the system in Step 2, you will be able to fill in your your user name and password and the billing information will automatically fill and your make your purchase. If you have not logged into the system, you will need to do so now. Fill in the payment details and choose “Place Order”. An “Order Summary” page will appear listing the details of your purchase. You will also receive an email notification of your purchase. NOTE: as soon as you choose “Place Order” your accommodation selection is reserved. If you cannot place your order, your selection has been purchased by another family and you must return to the selection page and choose another option.

Steps 5-8 take place after you have made your purchase.

5. You will receive an email confirming your registration and accommodation selection. Note: there will be a link in this email for you to complete the survey. You must complete the Harambee Summer Festival survey. This survey provides the program committee and other volunteer groups essential information that is used for planning activities at this year’s camp.

6. If you are interested in the Sorrento Centre meal plan or require a cot you may contact Sorrento Centre.

7. If your vacations plans are such that you wish to arrive before Day 1 of camp or stay past the last day of camp you will need to contact Sorrento Centre directly for additional dates outside of Harambee Summer Festival. 

8. A new family wait-list will be available commencing Saturday March 21, email and include the number of adults and children attending and your preferred accommodation type.

Bursary Fund

If your family needs financial assistance please provide an application. You may find an application form here. Additional information is available on our website and the Harambee Summer Festival Facebook page. Contacts are Pam Paterson  and Jennifer Eberts.

Questions and Inquiries, please contact

Rena Konomis for registration:
Julian Walmsley for payments and general website information:

Refund Policy.

Full fees for registration are refundable up to 7 days prior to the beginning day of the summer festival, less any deposit fees collected.

Refunds will only be sent through the payment type originally used to fulfill the order.

Refunds sought after 7 days prior to the beginning day of the summer festival will be forfeited

Money forfeited from deposits will be held for future Bursary awards.