Online Services Team

Rockne Profile PhotoRockne Egnatios and his wife Wendy are parents to Evan and Isabella, two bi-racial children adopted from Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to being advocates for open, independent adoption, Rockne and Wendy are members of the Adoptive Friends and Families of Greater Seattle and have been participating in Harambee Cultural Society since 2011. Rockne’s dual passions for creating a good environment for his children to learn about themselves and the world around them as well as for online technologies have prompted him to volunteer on the Harambee Cultural Society website. Besides an MBA in Finance and Technology, Rockne brings to this role 21 years of work experience in online solutions, payments, product management, and process improvement from Intuit, Microsoft, Amazon, and VMware. He is energized by the opportunity to help a charity/nonprofit organization that plays such a critical role the lives of so many children and adults. He has led larger projects than the Harambee Cultural Society’s website but none more rewarding.

AndrewAndrew Martindale, lives on Vancouver Island with his partner and children. They have been attending Harambee since 2013. Andrew grew up in a transracial family in Montreal, a life history that guided his path to becoming an anthropology professor at the University of British Columbia. His research focuses on the connections between Indigenous oral history and archaeology over the last 10,000 years, but his life is mostly spent being a silly dad with his family.

Julian Walmsley lives in East Vancouver and works in Digital Marketing. He has helped with organised soccer during the Harambee summer festival and joined the Online Services Team in 2018. Along with sons Lehlo and Max he has attended Harambee since 2015.

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